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Passage into The Hidden World

"It is not that these Ancient and Originic places are invisible to Men. It is simply that Men have forgotten how to see.  For only when you look beyond yourself does the world become visible."

Eden'e, the First Passage

"There was, it was told, in the time of the Sumerians, a nearby society of unimaginable wealth and beauty, which arose like a shining Persepolis, but it was only by the magic of the gods that one might see it, or walk among the winged lords within. Those who had built the luminous chambers and soaring halls had come down from heaven, and they bathed in gold. The name of this place was 'Eden'e', seated in the four rivers, and it was protected by an army of such number, strength and precision that none could overtake it.

To be welcomed into the wonders of this place, Men of old first earned the trust of  a Ferrier, a goddess guide who listened to the song of the soul. The dance of the Ferriers enchanted Men, and the sweetness and bounty of their riches was unmatched in the newborn world.

Once granted access to the secret kingdom, newcomers went by a secret way into a place of peace and purpose - where light seemed to speak, and where water spun in silver strands. Walking in grandeur among the gods and goddesses, Men returned to their realms bewildered, and longed to build a similar kingdom. They befriended the gods, and language, music, and society flowered in the ancient Crescent of the world."

- Ancient Text of the Melissae, on the Origins of Eden

In the Deep Time there were uncountable passages, gates through which Men and Ambassadors moved together. Knowledge and wisdom were exchanged, and the old bonds of reverence and kindness were strong.

Now, only seven of these gates are known, and are found near the seven energy centers, also called Chakras, of Earth. Among these are Mount Shasta, Glastonbury, Uluru, Giza, Lake Titicaca and Mount Kailas, as well as a mysterious passage through ice in Antarctica known as the Copirnikhan.