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Bry'e of Amnamar

defender of the Ambassador's Creed

“There is a world which has always existed… a world some have never seen, because they chose not to see. I know this because my own tribe of Amnamar, born to be ambassador to Earth and Man, *chose* blindness. I was one of the lucky ones, because my eyes were opened to what is true about both Man and Earth - my hearts were opened to what is possible - opened to the realization that some things deemed impossible are only so because of the fear others have built in themselves. I do not have to build this same fear in me. Neither do you. And if both you and I are not afraid, we can then build this absence of fear in others.

This, I believe, is how we can rebuild our world. 

The earth is speaking of great change, which it will manifest in many different ways, in many different places. If we, those of us who depend on earth to live, do not prepare ourselves for these changes, and do not also change ourselves, earth will persevere. But we will not."

Akruhlo the Petrel-Atal

defender of Atal

We with pale white hand of the Atal clan

raise bone clubs

in the fierce ice land

Where no Man dares to tread 

those who shall, shall sure be dead.

As he turned from Earth so turn from him

to the world of white on the glacier's rim

in the cold blue realm of the Atal-kin

where the wind knows death and the waters


 No Men dare to tread.

Those who shall, shall sure be dead.

The Ta'me 

defenders of Earth

Those called Men, the people of Iridia, no longer know how to live with Earth. They have made the soil and air sick, and have made the water foul. We do not hate Men, or seek to kill them.

We pity them. 

They make war. They are sick

with wanting too much. 

We protect water.

We protect air and earth.

We breathe air.

We drink water.

We know the soil. 

The world of Men will soon be lost. Even if they look, they no longer have the eyes to see us. We live quietly, and the bog and marsh protects us,

as we protect it. A dark time comes; not all will pass through it 

into the new world beyond. 

An old fable says that there were once three great trees (descendants of the Cosmic Tree) who walked about with their root feet upon the surface of the world. They had spent a long time wandering, deciding where to reach out their branches. As they passed one another, they spoke of their intentions.
One tree said, "I will reach out my branches and shelter other trees." Another said, "I will reach out my branches and shelter Earth." And the third said, "I will reach out my branches and shelter Earth and Men."
Like the trees, the Ambassadors and Earthspeakers among us have followed diverging paths based on their own experiences, each seeking to protect something - their own kind, the Natural Realm, or all things. Though each refer to themselves as Ambassadors, what they protect and why is vastly different. These differences have led to considerable friction and division in the world. So it is here, in that friction and division, that the story of the world of Ambassadors, and our Human world, truly begins.